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Sky Angel

Sky Angel Faith & Family Television produces three of America’s best television networks: Angel One, Angel Two and KTV which are carried on the DISH Network satellite television service that is broadcasting to more than 14 million households across the United States. The average Sky Angel subscriber is between the ages of 25-54 (56%), with the median age of 46.7. The average Sky Angel subscriber is college educated and earns a household income of over $60,000 per year. 49% live in the Eastern Time zone, 33% live in the Central Time zone, 7% live in the Mountain Time zone, and 13% live in the Pacific Time zone. 60% live in an urban area, 23% live in a rural area, and 17% live in a suburban area. (Figures are based on the U.S. Census report as well as internal market research - Sky Angel makes no claims to the scientific reliability of the demographic information contained in this report.). / SPECIAL OFFER: If you'd like to reach the entire Sky Angel audience with your advertising message then you can do so by choosing the SKY ANGEL BUNDLE. When you choose the bundle package your banner ads will be served on our three network websites - (AngelOne.TV; AngelTwo.TV, and, as well as our corporate website - (

270k monthly imps. 9 placements

This Premier Bundle is combination of the top 17 thought leaders, pastors, and lifestyle websites. Get your campaign featured on some of the top Christian websites—add this to your cart today!

5.19M monthly imps. 15 placements
Online Communities

This bundle features sites that are built around online communities. These often includes sites that promote discussion, relationships, and general fellowship. You can add additional websites, or delete ones you wish to not advertise on.

51k monthly imps. 3 placements
Bible Studies

A great bundle for advertisers promoting bible study products or services. You can add additional websites, or delete ones you wish to not advertise on.

254k monthly imps. 6 placements
Thought Leaders

Gain maximum exposure for your ad at one low price. With Bundles you have access to dozens of the top-rated Christian websites and blogs — all targeted to your audience. It’s the ultimate bang for your buck. Here we've bundled together the best Christian Thought Leaders for a great price. You can add additional websites, or delete ones you wish to not advertise on.

188k monthly imps. 6 placements
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